1. Invest in a great chair.  If you spend a lot of hours at your desk it will make a world of a difference if you have a comfortable and ergonomically-correct desk chair.  At Willis, you do not have to sacrifice style for comfort, because we have a variety of desk chairs to suite your needs.

2. Choose a desk that is functional.  It is important to consider your workflow and what items you need at your fingertips before investing in furniture. You should choose a desk that has enough surface space for the type of work you will be doing and also with enough storage.


3. Choose home office furniture that will complement the rest of your home.  Add warmth, beauty, and comfort to your space by selecting the right style, wood finishes, art, and etcetera.  You deserve to have a space that feels inviting, not cold and boring.


4. Give yourself a view.  Whether that is a window overlooking your backyard or a mood board filled with goals and inspiration, it is important to have something pleasant to look up at when you are working long hours.

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