Add Fresh Flowers


Nothing brightens up your home for the season like vases filled with fall flowers. Sunflowers and chrysanthemums are great choices because they'll remain beautiful for up to a week. The trick to keeping blooms fresh is to remove all leaves below the water line and change out the water every few days.



Wooden Accents


Adding wooden accents like these pieces from the Stickley Walnut Grove collection will help warm up any space. Wood adds a natural feeling of warmth. Utilizing wood in your home decor is not only a sustainable and renewable choice, it is also an effective way to bring comfort to any room!



Add A Rug


A rug adds a level of insulation between your feet and the cool floor. This added insulation can also help keep the space at a more comfortable temperature without the need to raise the thermostat. A good area rug also dampens sound.



Accent Pillows and Throw Blankets


Change out the accent pillows with soft knits, or warm, earthy hues. Add the perfect cozy throw made of faux fur or cashmere.


gallery wall collection family photos

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Put Memories on Display


With the imminent arrival of friends and family for the holidays, fall is the perfect time to finally get those family photos framed and create a gallery wall so everyone can enjoy a sentimental stroll down memory lane.