You’ve spent weeks selecting the perfect frames, finishes, fabrics, and accents. It’s finally finished––your outdoor oasis is complete! Before you sink into those soft cushions, read this: our simple guide to outdoor furniture care. Take these 5 important measures for outdoor furniture care now, and you’ll thank us later when minor stains, spills, and scratches are easily resolved.


1. Pre-treat furniture before use. Just like your health, preventative measures are often the best medicine. Many outdoor materials––like teak, rattan, and stone––can be pretreated to preserve the original finish and prevent damage.


2. Clear away debris. Regularly inspect your outdoor furniture for dirt and debris, gently clearing away dust with a dry paintbrush, broom, or soft-bristle vacuum attachment. This important step should be performed weekly or whenever your furniture is exposed to the elements.


3. Wash and spot-clean frequently. Wash outdoor furniture annually and spot-clean fabric as needed. Use a solution of lukewarm water (not exceeding 100-degrees Fahrenheit) and mild, natural soap. Please note, detergents and other chemically based soaps may permanently
damage water-resistant fabrics from Bella-Dura, Sunbrella, and Outdura.


4. Moisture management. Precipitation and humidity are powerful forces. Deter mold and mildew by allowing furniture, fabric, and cushions to dry completely after each wash. If you live in a rainy climate, consider setting your furniture underneath a covered porch or gazebo for extra protection, or storing furniture in the garage or garden shed when not in use.


5. Invest in outdoor furniture covers. Nothing extends the life of outdoor furniture like custom covers. Made to preserve & protect, these covers will shield your furniture from harsh elements and wick away moisture. Regularly clean your covers, allowing the fabric to dry completely before storing.