American Leather’s Comfort Sleeper® features a patented, revolutionary platform bed system that contains no bars and no springs. Each Comfort Sleeper® features a mattress that is a full 80 inches for maximum comfort (the average sleeper sofa is around 70 to 75 inches), while still taking up less floor space than conventional sleepers. And every Comfort Sleeper® mattress is customizable with three luxurious choices:

1.            Tempur-Pedic: The only sleeper sofa in the world that has it.

2.            Gel: A softer, cooler feeling with even support across pressure points

3.            Premier: A firmer, standard high-density foam mattress with Crypton® fabric mattress ticking.

Just as important as sleeping, is sitting comfortably. Before purchasing a sleeper sofa, test the comfort while open and closed. The Comfort Sleeper is unique in the fact that the high-density, high-resiliency seat cushions sit directly on top of the mattress, providing even more comfort.  Every Comfort Sleeper comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and a 10-year warranty on the mechanism.