Your Ultimate Rug Guide

So you ve bought all your furniture for your home. You ve hung your curtains, plugged in the new lamps and even set out a fresh vase of flowers. You look around and your space is still missing something. Rugs are often the last thing you add to a new space, but they can be very transformative to any room in your home. You can even change the look of an existing space with a new rug! Here are our best tips for choosing and placing rugs in your home: ....

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Farmhouse Decorating Tips

The modern farmhouse look is one of the most popular looks in recent years with the rise of TV shows like Fixer Upper. Today on our blog, we re showing you the easiest way to create this look and where to find some of the pieces! Lots of Barn Wood It should come to no surprise that one of the key facets of this trend involves barn wood. While actual barn wood may be difficult, pricy and a little messy, there are lots of furniture brands that ....

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