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Vintage Overdyed Rugs in Neutral Colors Vintage Rugs are sheared and washed with color. These kinds of rugs demonstrate a process best described as 'The modern palette applied to classics'. It consists of an added step to the finishing process in which the rug is either white washed, and sheared or washed, sheared, and dyed in a full immersion bath of a chosen color. The effect is quite stunning, creating a more current look and blending seamlessly with the prior dyes. Wool and Viscose Rugs ....

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NEW Shifman Mattress Quilted Collection

Shifman’s new 2020 quilted mattress collection features five two-sided models that have been completely revamped from the previous quilted line with enhanced comfort levels and aesthetics.  Consisting of up to 34 pounds of natural cotton upholstery, these new quilted mattresses offer all-natural breathability that keeps the sleeper cool without chemical additives. The collection is adorned with new fabrics with a luxurious look and a distinctly softer hand than its predecessor. All five ma ....

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SLIPCOVER CARE In considering cleaning options, it is important to know if the fabric used for your slipcover can be washed or not. Ask your Retail Sales Associate to check the swatch of the fabric in the store. If the fabric can be washed, there will be a note on the swatch stating that this is a washed fabric. If the fabric is not pre-washed, then cleaning should be performed by a professional upholstered furniture cleaning company. You should provide the company with the cleaning code foun ....

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For beautiful furniture that lasts for generations, use the below list for the right way to care for your valued leather furniture.   • Read the product label and materials provided by the manufacturer.   • Position all leather furniture at least two feet from a heating source. Prolonged exposure to heat dries out leather.   • Leather upholstery fades when exposed to direct sunlight. Keeping leather furniture away from direct-light sources such as windows, skylights, and glas ....

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