The outdoors are the new indoors! By embracing outdoor space as an extension of indoor square footage, homeowners gain a spacious addition without spending a penny on construction. Outdoor furnishings can make any weekend at home or after-dinner drink feel like an exciting escape. Comfort, function and personality, when combined, create exceptional interior design. Take these same design tenants outdoors, and watch the rest fall into place.

Here are a few other tips for creating your outdoor oasis:

Add an Umbrella

Beat the heat and enjoy summer nights by adding an umbrella to your space.  Solar radiation can dramatically change the temperatures of an object that it hits, heating it far above the actual air temperature. The proper shade over your dining or deep seating areas can reduce the temperature up to 20%. A sweltering 95° can become a comfortable 80° with the proper shade!  You can also enjoy your umbrella at night by adding an umbrella light and Bluetooth speaker.  With the clamp on light it is easy to add ambience to your evening.

Invest in Quality

High-quality furniture is a wise investment that is both sustainable and stress-free. If your 2020 wish list includes a stress-free outdoor oasis we are here to help.  We have a variety of resin wicker, solid teak, and aluminum furniture options available at Willis Furniture.


Incorporate some color! Whether in pillows, plants, candles, vase fillers, or in the furniture itself, consider how you can bring life into your space with the use of new and bright color. It’s also a great time to clean and refresh your plant containers. They can tend to get dirty and dull in the winter months, so give them a nice cleaning to renew their shine.