How to Organize Your Home Before the Holidays

The holidays are creeping closer and closer. Before you know it, we ll be celebrating fall festivals, football games and Halloween. Then, it s all downhill from there! If you re a big holiday decorator, we hope your home is ready for the transitioning season. In today s blog post, we re talking about ways to organize different spaces in your home. You ll be relieved that you planned ahead and decluttered now!

How to Organize Your Home Before the Holidays

Living Area

Your living room should be the cleanest room in your home as it provides guests with a place to gather in your home. However, it is also the most lived-in area for this same reason. With children and dogs, this area can collect clutter quick. Set aside a few minutes every day to tidy up by adding storage baskets for various items. Another tip is to leave an entryway closet as empty as possible so you can hide away any items when you re having guests in a pinch!

How to Organize Your Home Before the Holidays


With so many items and the abundance of storage in your kitchen, this space has the potential to be the most cluttered area in your home. It s so easy to let it get out of hand! There are so many cheap solutions on sites like Amazon for storing pots, pans, plates and flatware. Think outside of the box from stacking your dishes to using racks or hanging your pots and pans.

Also, set aside 15 minutes every few weeks to give your fridge a quick cleanout. It s so easy to forget about last week s takeout when it gets shoved to the back! Here are some other kitchen organization solutions.

How to Organize Your Home Before the Holidays


Our best tip for keeping a tidy bedroom is choosing your furniture wisely. A minimalist bedroom can look relaxing and beautiful, but most of the time it isn t the most practical solution for your busy life. Look for chests, armoires, larger nightstands and vanities to stow away your everyday items.

We know it s your least favorite chore, but cleaning out your closet once a season can help tidy up your life tremendously. Even if you re not getting rid of clothing each time, it s useful to reorganize, coordinate by style and stow away unneeded items each new season.

How to Organize Your Home Before the Holidays


If you re a beauty product junkie or have a small bathroom, you know how things can get a little messy in the wash room. The great news is that there are so many solutions for storing products away in cabinets, linen closets and on countertops. Adding under-the-sink storage like drawers, baskets and shelving can allow you to store more items. Just like all the other spaces we ve been through, bathrooms should be cleaned out once a year or so. After all, most (if not all) products do have an expiration date! Check out these other bathroom organization tips here.

From the office to the garage, there are so many other spaces in your home that are in need of a good cleanout before the holidays come, but we thought we d start with these! With a small investment and a few minutes of work each day, you can continue to keep you home tidied up every day. Need help choosing furniture for storage? Ask our designers!