Best Home Furnishings is a family run company that has been around since 1952.  The founders of Best believe in producing high-quality furniture at a great value, which makes them a great fit here at Willis.

Every one of their sofas, chairs and recliners are built and engineered to endure years of daily use. They start with kiln-dried, native hardwood frames, handpick every piece of wood and fabric, and use computerized scan-and-cut systems to eliminate defects. Everything is manufactured in the USA and checks and balances at every step. The result is furniture that remains comfortable for generations to come.

Best also has one of the industry's fastest custom-order turnaround times, they keep every upholstery and wood finish in-stock and ready to use. Their inventory and manufacturing processes ensure your Best chair, recliner or sofa is delivered in weeks, instead of months-so you can settle in and enjoy it even sooner.