Anyone who’s been in our store knows how much we love the color blue.  On furniture, walls, or anywhere in between, blue always adds the perfect touch of color to any space.

Regardless of the year or season, there will always be an assortment of blues in interior design. Blue invokes a sense of calm and relaxation, and reminds us of the sky and ocean.   Incorporating elements of nature has become especially important today with our high exposure to technology.

Blue is definitely one of our favorite colors here at Willis, because of our coastal setting.  It’s a great neutral that compliments well with many other colors, as well as skin tones.  This is why it is used so much in fashion. We have even seen recent trends of blue used on kitchen cabinets and islands.  Blues are versatile and work in both traditional and modern spaces.

If you are considering updating your space and incorporating some blues, our design team is here to help and better yet, the service is free!  At Willis Furniture, we want to help you create your dream home.