As more people choose a greener lifestyle and find new ways to reduce their carbon footprint, creating a home that is environmentally friendly is high on the list for those redecorating.

Wood is known to be one of the most naturally renewable energy sources, which means it will have less of an impact on the environment compared to other materials. Not only is wood a long lasting material, it can also be recycled and reused.  Plus it is one hundred percent biodegradable, which means it will eventually decompose and break down back into earth, making it better for the environment.

Stickley and Gat Creek are just a few of the American made solid wood manufacturers we have to offer here at Willis:

Stickley Furniture

Stickley is one of the rare large furniture makers who continues to build primarily here in the U.S.  More than 90 percent of Stickley’s products are still made by their own craftspeople in their upstate New York and North Carolina workshops.  Plus they comply with strict federal, state, and local environmental regulations.  For example, the premium white oak that Stickley is most famous for can now be thought of as a renewable crop.  Logs are pulled out of mixed forests on private lands one at a time, as they peak, before the tree can decline, die, and then rot or burn.  This works like weeding a garden.  Timber harvests bring light into the forest and allow a fresh succession of plant and animal species to flourish

Gat Creek

Gat Creek is a solid wood manufacturer at the geographic center of the highest grade Cherry, Maple, and Ash lumber available in the world. The raw material they use is sustainably harvested from Appalachian forests within a day’s drive of their shop. They source exclusively through suppliers who meet strict conservation standards that have contributed to an increase in the region’s population of hardwood trees for the past 100+ years.

As always, we are here to help guide you through your purchase and offer free in-home design services. We are also here to inform and educate our customers on the benefits and many customization features of solid wood furniture.