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SLIPCOVER CARE In considering cleaning options, it is important to know if the fabric used for your slipcover can be washed or not. Ask your Retail Sales Associate to check the swatch of the fabric in the store. If the fabric can be washed, there will be a note on the swatch stating that this is a washed fabric. If the fabric is not pre-washed, then cleaning should be performed by a professional upholstered furniture cleaning company. You should provide the company with the cleaning code foun ....

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The Evolution of Performance Fabrics

Performance fabrics have come a long way since their inception and you no longer have to sacrifice what you want because of spilled drinks, messy kids or pets.  Lighter fabrics and finishes have gained in popularity over the years, and are especially important in coastal areas like Virginia Beach where a light and bright aesthetic is important for a lot of our customers living by the beach. The fabric textures and colors have vastly improved and you would never know that they are performance ....

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The Versatile Slipcover

We offer a variety of slipcover sofas, sectionals, chairs, and ottomans you can customize in a large selection of pre-washed, washable fabrics.  With pre-washed fabrics, you get a more tailored, casual-chic look.  It’s an extra step that makes a significant difference in the feel and appearance of a fabric.  Performance fabrics like Inside Out, Wearsmart, Crypton, Revolution, etc. are excellent for families with young children and pets. It allows you to have the light and natural colors th ....

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