Performance fabrics have come a long way since their inception and you no longer have to sacrifice what you want because of spilled drinks, messy kids or pets. 

Lighter fabrics and finishes have gained in popularity over the years, and are especially important in coastal areas like Virginia Beach where a light and bright aesthetic is important for a lot of our customers living by the beach. The fabric textures and colors have vastly improved and you would never know that they are performance fabrics. 

 “Crypton fabrics are a no-brainer for anyone who has high-traffic needs. And I can confidently recommend it to my clients because I have firsthand experience with it in my own home. With two boys and a dog, our Crypton-covered furniture has been put to the test with every possible scenario (and I mean absolutely everything), and it really does do what it promises. It’s kidproof, sure–but it’s really lifeproof.”

Rachel Shingleton, Pencil Shavings Studio

Enjoy stress-free living and the ability to truly enjoy your home without fretting over spills or stains! We want our customers to know that they really can have beautiful, custom pieces loaded with style and personality—and that they can also survive whatever life throws at them.