Six Fun Ways to Celebrate Labor Day Weekend


Can you believe summer is almost over? Labor Day is considered by many as the unofficial end to summer and the last chance to host an end of the season soiree. Before we get into the season of cozy layers, flannels and all things pumpkin spice, we have to send off summer with one last bash! Here are some ideas for celebrating Labor Day weekend:



All-White Party


Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? Finish off summer with an all-white party! Ask your guests to wear their best white attire for the season’s end. Serve white dishes like coconut cake, white chocolate dipped strawberries, cheese dips or alfredo pasta!



Classic Backyard BBQ


You can never go wrong with a classic BBQ for your Labor Day festivities. Have the pool ready, plenty of delicious plates and lots of fun activities planned for this one. Not sure how to host? Check out this blog post we wrote about hosting a Memorial Day party to get you started.



Pool Party Movie Night


This one is such a fun and unique idea. Rent or make your own outdoor movie screen and set up a projector for an outdoor movie night! Have lots of blankets, lawn chairs and popcorn ready for your guests when they arrive. A pool party movie night would be the perfect idea for a group with lots of little children.



Outdoor Game Night


Kids or no kids, everyone loves a game night! Keep the classics like corn hole and horse shoes, but add a twist to some old favorites. Use spray paint to create an outdoor twister board in the grass and check out giant versions of your favorite games like Jenga or Connect Four. Create teams and make a friendly competition out of the night!


Seafood Boil


Tired of the typical summer cookout foods? Host a delicious seafood boil! Most seafood boils include foods like cod, snow crab, shrimp, corn, mussels, vegetables and tons of spices, but everyone has a preference on how they like it best! Gather a group for the boil, spread some newspaper over a picnic table and get to cooking!



Road trip


Having that extra day off is the perfect excuse to pack up the car and head on a little road trip. Virginia Beach is so close to many fun and relaxing places. Plan a camping trip by the lake, a drive to the Outer Banks or a weekend in Richmond.



Whatever your plans, we wish you a fun and safe Labor Day from Willis Furniture & Bedding!

Three Tips for Transitioning your Summer Décor to Fall


Is it crazy to start thinking about fall already?! The kids are starting to go back to school and before you know it, mornings will be crisp and evenings will come faster. If you’re a fall lover, we know you’re more than excited for all things pumpkin and flannel! Today on the blog, we’re covering how to slowly transition your summer décor to fall. It’s so much easier when you get the ball rolling now!




Add Warmth to Your Space


While summer’s heat hasn’t faded yet, there’s nothing wrong with dreaming of cooler temperatures. There’s nothing better than cozy layers during those magical fall months. Why not take some of those layers in your home now? Adding flannel blankets, different textured pillows and table runners in your dining area can add warmth to your home.


Add fall smelling candles for even more warmth. Plus, the scent of pumpkin pie and firewood will have you excited for the coming season! Adding warm colors can help this too. Swap the summer yellows and blues for deep hues of orange or purple.




Place Elements of Nature


Whether they’re real of faux, it’s time to swap out the summer succulents for the fall harvest. Decorate nooks of your home with gourds, pumpkins or darker toned florals. Whether it’s for holiday dinners or brunch with friends, adding leaves and raw wood elements to your table setting will surely wow your guests.





Remember Your Curb Appeal


Why does the inside of your home get to have all the fun? Nothing says fall like feeling at home. Make your guests feel that way the second they walk through your door. Wreaths are commonly used for every season, but there’s nothing quite like a fall wreath. Decorate your wreath with fall florals, burlap, pinecones, or twigs. The options are endless!


Don’t leave your porch in the dark! A gorgeous stack of hay bales, pumpkins, gourds and other fall décor. Add a scarecrow or cornstalk for some vertical elements in your group.


What’s your favorite part of fall? We love traditions at Willis Furniture & Bedding. Let us know what you love about the upcoming season!

Your Ultimate Rug Guide


So you’ve bought all your furniture for your home. You’ve hung your curtains, plugged in the new lamps and even set out a fresh vase of flowers. You look around and your space is still missing something. Rugs are often the last thing you add to a new space, but they can be very transformative to any room in your home. You can even change the look of an existing space with a new rug! Here are our best tips for choosing and placing rugs in your home:



Measure and Choose the Appropriate Size


Choosing the correct rug size is one of the most important steps in the purchasing process. While a smaller rug may be a cheaper option, a larger rug may be more suitable for your particular room. For instance, bedrooms are great spaces for wall-to-wall rugs. A larger rug in a bedroom will make your room a retreat and more conducive to sleep. Can’t find a big enough rug? Choose two and place them symmetrically in your space!



Consider Your Rug’s Material


Where are you choosing to place this rug? If you’re considering a rug for an entryway or bathroom, you’ll want to choose a more durable and washable fabric. For dining areas or formal living spaces, choose a more luxury fabric than you would in high traffic spots.



Solids Vs. Patterns


There are many elements to consider when choosing whether your space needs a solid or patterned rug. If you have patterned upholstered furniture or a busy design on your window treatments, opt for a fun pattern for your floor! Be sure to consider the pattern and the arrangement of your furniture. If the rug has a large pattern on it, make sure there aren’t crucial designs that are covered with furniture. Solid colored rugs work best to make a room more comfortable from the designs that already exist. Make your bedroom cozier by adding a large, solid colored area rug.




Explore Rugs in All Spaces of Your Home


Don’t limit rugs to living areas and bedrooms. Think about how rugs can bring together different spaces. Establish your home’s personality with a fun exciting entryway rug. Run a long hallway with a runner rug. Create a cozy corner of your patio with an area rug. The options are endless!


Ask our designers in store how to choose the perfect rug for your home.

Farmhouse Decorating Tips

The modern farmhouse look is one of the most popular looks in recent years with the rise of TV shows like ‘Fixer Upper.’ Today on our blog, we’re showing you the easiest way to create this look and where to find some of the pieces!


Lots of Barn Wood 

It should come to no surprise that one of the key facets of this trend involves barn wood. While actual barn wood may be difficult, pricy and a little messy, there are lots of furniture brands that offer this look! Look for distressed, rustic finishes or brands like Hooker Furniture in our store.

Neutral Colors

Avoid bright colors when decorating your farmhouse space. Farmhouse colors are meant to look aged or vintage, so choose your yellows, blues and reds with gray undertones. Add pops of pastels and other stormy colors to pair with neutral walls and furniture.

Incorporate Metals


Brass and iron are gorgeous metals to incorporate into your look. Accent your guest room with an iron bedframe and add light fixtures with rustic metals. Mix and match the old and new. Head to a flea market to grab some accent pieces for your coffee table or walls that use rusted metals.

Light Fabrics

Linen, burlap and other textured fabrics are perfect for upholstery or accented items in your décor. We love slipcover sofas because of their versatility and soft look. There are so many DIY farmhouse looks you can create with burlap, grain sacks and other repurposed fabrics online!

Dimensional Elements 

The farmhouse look incorporates a “lived-in” or “vintage” look. There are lots of accents on the wall, floral elements, throw pillows and other cozy pieces that catch your eye when looking at the design. That’s one of the reasons this trend is so fun to recreate. Create dimension with layered fabrics, open consoles and wall pieces.

The Latest and Greatest Paint Trends of 2018


The walls of each room in your home can truly define the mood of your space. From moody blues to bright hues, color has always dictated how we feel. If you’ve recently moved into a new home or are thinking of a remodel, you’ll want to know about some of the latest trending colors for your home. We’ve researched some of the most popular paint colors so you don’t have to! Check out our full list below.

A Dull Blue-Green

Blues and Greens are some of nature’s most prominent hues. That’s why colors like seafoam green and turquoise can make us feel calm, tranquil and safe in any environment. Use these colors in your bedroom or living space to make your home feel like a mindful and relaxed.

A Touch of Bright Yellow

From clothing to home trends, you’ve likely noticed yellow all over the place. Yellow is a brave, bright color that can be harsh if used incorrectly. However, the color brings us happiness and gives the illusion of light in many spaces. Use a pale yellow as a neutral in a dining space or a brighter yellow in a bathroom to brighten your morning routine. 

A Soothing Lilac 


If you’ve researched colors and home décor this year, you shouldn’t be surprised that lilac made the list. After all, it is the Pantone Color of 2018! Like blues and greens, lilac is soothing and calm and can add a feminine touch to many spaces. Paired with velvets and vintage metals, lilac can make your room look chic and gorgeous. Lilac is a wonderful color for bedrooms or living spaces! 

A Warm Orange

 Orange often reminds us of pumpkin patches and fall leaves, but it still looks stunning in homes year-round. It also is a color that evokes creativity and helps us generate ideas. As a statement color, orange would be perfect for a single wall in a space. Go wild with orange in the kitchen area to remind you of spice and creative cooking! 

Dark Off-Black 

Black is the lack of color presence, yet it’s probably the boldest statement on this list. This color is slick, chic and mysterious all at once. An entirely black room can feel stuffy or dark, but you can use an off-black color on a statement wall to really dress up a space. Outside of wall colorings, black is also a stunning color on doors, window frames and cabinetry.