Celebrating the 4th of July at home…

1. Show symbols of American pride. Because the day celebrates America's independence from Britain, displaying and wearing American symbols is a great way to celebrate. Fly American flags, dress in red, white, and blue, and plaster the walls with stars and stripes.
4th of July


striped pillows



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2. Shoot off your own fireworks. Many Americans also buy their own fireworks to shoot off, though most cities have regulations against big displays and some ban fireworks altogether. Nonetheless, if you're outside the city limits, creating your own fireworks display and lighting sparklers is a well-known 4th of July pastime.
  • Be safe. Before shooting fireworks, clear out a fire-safe area by removing any

flammable materials, such as dead leaves or grass. You can also water down the area to help prevent it from catching fire.

  • Make sure to have a fire extinguisher on hand, and use longer lighting devices (such as a grill lighter or fireplace matches). Read the directions, and only light one thing at a time (always on the ground). Never lean over anything you're lighting.
  • Check your local regulations for popping your own fireworks. Most states have laws against fireworks for personal use depending on the type or size. Some states also have laws about when you're allowed to pop fireworks; for example, most states require you to stop fireworks by midnight or 1 am.
Many of the national firework displays are shown on television, so if you don't want to shoot off your own fireworks, turn the television on.

beach fireworks

3. Celebrate by lighting a bonfire. While a bonfire or campfire may not seem like a traditional celebration of Independence Day, it was actually one of the ways the day was celebrated on the first anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. They also rang bells and shot off fireworks. Before lighting a bonfire or campfire, clear the area of anything that could catch on fire. Dig a depression in a circle to help contain the fire, and place stones around the outside. Also, have a fire extinguisher or water on hand to put out any sparks. Make sure to check the fire codes in your area. A campfire is definitely more practical in a backyard.

bonfire 1

bonfire at lake

Brown Jordan Pasadena fire

4. Hold your own cookout. A great way to celebrate at home is to invite friends and family over for a cookout. Make it a potluck to take some of the stress off you, and include some fun games to stay cool, such as water-gun or water-balloon fights.
    • Some traditional 4th of July foods include burgers, hot dogs, and BBQ. Finger-foods, such as corn on the cob and watermelon slices. For some extra patriotism, have someone read the Declaration of Independence at your celebration.
    • You could also create your own block party by getting your neighbors on board for a big party.





    more food

    Hot dog

    Make your plans now to Celebrate the 4th of July in your community…

    1. Watch local fireworks and/or a parade. Check your local paper or online for the location of local displays. Purchase your tickets now.

    4th of july

    VA beach



    2. Go to a concert. Many 4th of July celebrations include concerts so check with your local concert venues to see what they have planned. You can also contact organizations that might be having concerts, such as military bases or your local orchestra. The parks and rec department might also host some concerts in parks.



    3. Attend a baseball game. As America's national pastime, attending a baseball game on the 4th of July is a common way to celebrate. Many games have fireworks afterwards. You could also plan now to play your own game of baseball at a local park and have a picnic after.



    4. Eat at a community picnic.
    Many organizations host community picnics and cookouts on the 4th of July, including churches, companies, and military bases. Find one in your area to join the fun. You'll be able to enjoy typical 4th of July food, such as burgers, hot dogs, BBQ, corn on the cob, baked beans, watermelon, salads, and patriotic desserts!

    Many events will have activities such as dancing, water gun fights, watermelon-seed spitting contests, and food-eating contests. Jump in there, and enjoy the fun!





    As Promised … Here are Five of our Most Popular Recliners. Which one would the Father in your house love?

    1. Flexsteel Kerrie Rocking with Power

    1.	Flexsteel Kerrie Rocking with Power

    Enjoy exceptional comfort with a refined contemporary style. Kerrie should rest on a runway. It exudes the comfort, styling, and scale fitting of first-class seating on any airline. The recessed pad on the curved arm, the fully padded footrest, and the tufted back give Kerrie its superior comfort, support, and contemporary flair. A power rocking reclining mechanism lets you rock and change angles effortlessly from an upright to a fully reclined position with the touch of a button. Sale $749

    2. Ekornes USA Sunrise Large Chair & Ottoman

    2.	Ekornes USA Sunrise Large Chair & Ottoman

    As welcoming as the morning itself, the Stressless Sunrise is one of our most popular recliners. With contours that are softly rounded, yet surprisingly sophisticated, the Sunrise offers plush seating for any room. Having a full 360° swivel feature coupled with our patented Glide system, the Sunrise responds to, and works with the motion of your body to provide unparalleled comfort. To ensure that your Sunrise is a perfect fit, it is available in small, medium, and large sizes. And it comes in both fabrics and leathers in every color under the sun. Experience how comfortable a Sunrise can be.
    Dimensions: 30¾ D, 34¾ W, 41¼ H
    Color: Paloma Light Grey
    Finish: Walnut
    Sale $2495

    3. Hooker Furniture Living Room Sicilian Cipriani Recliner

    Hooker Furniture Living Room Sicilian Cipriani Recliner

    This chair is not only nailhead trim with a sleek design, but has the ability to recline.
    Dimensions: 38 D, 33¼ W, 44 H
    Material: Leather, Leather: 219 Sicilian Cipriani
    Finish: Dark Wood, Dark Walnut
    Construction Features: Kiln dried, laminated, and select hardwoods that are precision machined for fluid and consistent shape.
    Sale $989

    4. American Leather Ava Recliner

    American Leather Ava Recliner

    A modern take on a well-loved classic, the Ava boasts a delicate roll arm and dainty proportions. The curvy, sleek frame and subtle curves are accentuated by double needle topstitching.
    Dimensions: 39 D, 31 W, 42 H
    Color: Champagne
    Sale $3495

    5. IMG Space Chair & Ottoman in TREND Leather

    IMG Space Chair & Ottoman in TREND Leather

    TREND is a premium top grain, upholstery leather that has been developed to give a rich, natural and comfortable feel. Trend has been slightly corrected to give it an even and plain grain pattern with a thickness of around 1.0 mm. A protective finish has been added to minimize stains. The advance protection of Trend retains the natural leather characteristics leaving them virtually unaltered.
    Trend is the ideal choice for those who wish to enjoy the pleasure of a comfortable, and soft quality leather that is robust and easy to clean and
    Available in Tuxed Finish 417 and 908 Wood and Tuxedo Finish 908V Steel Star Base Set Brushed Finish
    Sale $2099

    “Get out of my chair!”

    It’s June and Father’s Day is fast approaching. I can’t think of a better father’s day gift than the official chair of dads everywhere… the iconic recliner!

    It could be the classic model with a fat lever you pull to kick your feet out, or some modern sitter with a built-in mini fridge and shiatsu massage, regardless, the recliner is the #dadseat of choice.  And “That’s my chair!” has echoed through family rooms of homes all over the world.

    History indicates that chaise lounges, early forerunners to common recliners, have been around since ancient Egypt. Then of course, there was the first dentist chair in 1790, not officially recognized as a “recliner” but was adjustable and had a moveable headrest.

    The earliest actual recliner chairs appeared in the late 1700’s, and were functionally similar to today’s recliners. The goal was always to allow the user to sit upright or recline back with the legs and feet off the floor. What has been dubbed by many designers as motion furniture, the recliner has been with us in one form or another for over two hundred years. The “Morris Chair” is an early type of reclining chair that was first marketed in the late 1800’s. Reproductions are still available today in the classic mission style made famous by Stickley Furniture Company.

    In the late 1920s, American cousins Edward Knabush and Edwin Shoemaker filed a patent application that trademarked the design of a simple, reclining wooden bench that later became the traditional recliner. 

    And in 1971, CBS debuted All in the Family in which Archie Bunker, the sitcom’s blue-collar star, lambasted America’s changing sociopolitical climate from the comfort of his pale yellow recliner.

    Also in 1971, the first Stressless Chair was launched in Norway and immediately became the first real TV chair. You could lean backwards and rest, watch TV in comfort or turn around to face the coffee table with one easy movement. The patented sliding system attracted a great deal of attention and is still unique. This was the first recliner designed to meet your body’s need for movement and support when seated. The characteristic TV-recliner was a revolution in comfort and functionality, and soon became an international success. It offered a more contemporary look to fit the new modern designed homes.

    Stay tuned for next week’s blog that will feature our five most popular selling recliners!

    The Great Outdoors…

    With the arrival of Memorial Day and warmer temperatures, comes the desire to spend every minute outside. Your outdoor living space offers you the perfect place to entertain, lounge, dine or just take in the surrounding landscape. Whether you have a small deck, balcony, terrace, loggia or an expansive backyard, these outdoor living areas offer you and your guests a fabulous get away from everyday indoor living. Think about creating an outdoor space that transports you to an island retreat or mountain spa. The furniture you choose helps create the relaxing mood you want to enjoy. But remember quality is the key to outdoor furniture. Purchase from a manufacturer and retailer that will stand behind the quality of their products.

     Here are our Five Most Popular Outdoor Sets: 

    1. Pasadena Collection from Brown Jordan

    A nod to mid-century design and the birthplace of Brown Jordan Company, Pasadena defines understated sophistication with its sleek profile. The collection frame features a smooth, flat aluminum extrusion that is gently curvilinear. Sweeping lines seen on the arms and back legs highlight the beauty of the chair's construction.


    1. South Hampton Collection from Brown Jordan

    Southampton from the Richard Frinier Collection for Brown Jordan is destined to become a new classic. Inspired by the beautiful architecture and lifestyles of the famous seaside colony known as "the Hamptons," this design is timeless for its artfully hand-woven and transitional styling in the natural, dry grass and marsh colors of Sage, Seagull, and Sienna.

    1. Classic Wicker Collection by Summer Classics

    Traditional outdoor wicker furniture, originally designed using the diamond back pattern with a braided frame, and generous proportions for total comfort. Classic features a high back and wide arms accentuated by our ball foot in  UV resistant woven N-dura™ Resin and aluminum frame.

    1. Roma Collection from Brown Jordan

    A model of neoclassic elegance, the Roma Strap collection displays a refined silhouette with deeply curved arms, spiral volutes and classic demi-lune stretchers. Roma dining and lounge seating options have been expanded to include Brown Jordan’s resilient 2" Suncloth straps that subtly stretch and conform to the body to provide exceptional comfort.


    1. Provance Collection by Summer Classics

    Provence in the South of France is renowned for some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Our Provance is a work of art, with copyrighted double latticework design, scooped high back, in never-rust cast aluminum outdoor furniture.