How to Throw the Best Fall Bonfire Party


Tis’ the season for cozy flannels, pumpkins and s’mores by the fire. Fall is full of entertaining and fun with family and friends. Trying to decide on the perfect gathering for autumn? Once the sun goes down on a cool October day, there’s nothing better than the warmth of a bonfire! Today, we’re bringing you our tips for throwing the perfect campfire party this season.




Find Your Space and Create the Fire


Look for an open space in your backyard to place your fire. The safest way to host a bonfire is with a fire pit to keep your flames contained. Can’t find the right fire pit? We have a variety available at Willis Furniture. You’ll also want to add ample seating for your guests. Repurpose your outdoor furniture from the summer months around your fire or add a few sets of Adirondack chairs.



Create the Yummiest Fall Menu


Good food is the most important element to a great bonfire! Have the classics set up, like a hotdog and s’mores bar, and give your guests their very own toaster fork. Create your serving table with a plaid tablecloth and add tea lights inside mason jars so guests can see your goodies! Have extra side dishes and desserts prepared ahead of time so your guests can munch on them throughout the party. Can’t decide on what to make? Check out these easy campfire recipes.


Don’t forget the drinks! Hot cocoa and apple cider will pair perfectly with your other delicious treats.




Make Your Party Warm & Inviting


Details are what make a great party. Make sure your guests feel right at home at your bonfire party. Add extra outdoor lighting, blankets and music to create a warm and welcoming mood. Think of some activities ahead of time like pumpkin carving or even bobbing for apples! If you live on a large piece of land, put together a hay ride for the kiddos.


Still need more bonfire inspiration? Here’s some more ideas for your party.

When to Save and When to Splurge on Furniture in Your Home


Budgeting for a furniture and home décor can get overwhelming at times. There are so many pieces that go into completing a room! Whether you’ve just bought a new home or are redecorating an old space, you’ve likely encountered this problem. Balance out your budget by figuring out where to save and splurge. Don’t know where to start? We’re here to help!




Splurge – Sofa


Your living room sofa can easily be the most expensive piece of furniture you will buy. Because your sofa is in such a high traffic area, you should make a larger investment. Look for high quality materials for the frame and durable fabrics and leathers for the exterior. Splurging on your sofa will allow you to enjoy it for years to come.

Table Wood



Save – Accent Furniture


Trends are constantly coming and going! While the designer, custom made leopard print chair may catch your eye now, you’ll be finding a place to store it in a few years when the print goes out of style. Whether it’s a side table, night stand, coffee table or other accent piece, it’s best to save on these items.



Splurge – Mattress


Your mattress is an investment in your health. Plus, you spend a third of your day sleeping! Keep your purchase decision within your budget, but be sure to try out different options to find the best fit for your needs.




Save – Lighting


There are some gorgeous, expensive table lamps and light fixtures on the market, but should are they splurge-worthy? While you should make sure your lighting is of good quality, it’s not imperative to spend a fortune in this area.



Splurge – Rug


While rugs can be trendy pieces, they are another item on this used that sees tons of use. Definitely splurge on rugs that are in high traffic areas like the living room and entryway. Look for high quality materials and darker colors to extend the longevity of your rug.




Save – Decorative Pieces


Decorations add style and personality to your home. There’s no need to spend a small fortune on them, especially if you’re likely to switch them out seasonally. Make your house feel more like a home by using personal items and photos do decorate your space.


As a rule of thumb, invest in items that affect your health and are located in high traffic areas of your home. For accents and décor, save a little money! Still need help? Consult one of our complimentary designers in our store.

How to Organize Your Home Before the Holidays


The holidays are creeping closer and closer. Before you know it, we’ll be celebrating fall festivals, football games and Halloween. Then, it’s all downhill from there! If you’re a big holiday decorator, we hope your home is ready for the transitioning season. In today’s blog post, we’re talking about ways to organize different spaces in your home. You’ll be relieved that you planned ahead and decluttered now!



Living Area


Your living room should be the cleanest room in your home as it provides guests with a place to gather in your home. However, it is also the most “lived-in” area for this same reason. With children and dogs, this area can collect clutter quick. Set aside a few minutes every day to tidy up by adding storage baskets for various items. Another tip is to leave an entryway closet as empty as possible so you can hide away any items when you’re having guests in a pinch!





With so many items and the abundance of storage in your kitchen, this space has the potential to be the most cluttered area in your home. It’s so easy to let it get out of hand! There are so many cheap solutions on sites like Amazon for storing pots, pans, plates and flatware. Think outside of the box from stacking your dishes to using racks or hanging your pots and pans.


Also, set aside 15 minutes every few weeks to give your fridge a quick cleanout. It’s so easy to forget about last week’s takeout when it gets shoved to the back! Here are some other kitchen organization solutions.





Our best tip for keeping a tidy bedroom is choosing your furniture wisely. A minimalist bedroom can look relaxing and beautiful, but most of the time it isn’t the most practical solution for your busy life. Look for chests, armoires, larger nightstands and vanities to stow away your everyday items.


We know it’s your least favorite chore, but cleaning out your closet once a season can help tidy up your life tremendously. Even if you’re not getting rid of clothing each time, it’s useful to reorganize, coordinate by style and stow away unneeded items each new season.





If you’re a beauty product junkie or have a small bathroom, you know how things can get a little messy in the wash room. The great news is that there are so many solutions for storing products away in cabinets, linen closets and on countertops. Adding under-the-sink storage like drawers, baskets and shelving can allow you to store more items. Just like all the other spaces we’ve been through, bathrooms should be cleaned out once a year or so. After all, most (if not all) products do have an expiration date! Check out these other bathroom organization tips here.


From the office to the garage, there are so many other spaces in your home that are in need of a good cleanout before the holidays come, but we thought we’d start with these! With a small investment and a few minutes of work each day, you can continue to keep you home tidied up every day. Need help choosing furniture for storage? Ask our designers!

Six Fun Ways to Celebrate Labor Day Weekend


Can you believe summer is almost over? Labor Day is considered by many as the unofficial end to summer and the last chance to host an end of the season soiree. Before we get into the season of cozy layers, flannels and all things pumpkin spice, we have to send off summer with one last bash! Here are some ideas for celebrating Labor Day weekend:



All-White Party


Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? Finish off summer with an all-white party! Ask your guests to wear their best white attire for the season’s end. Serve white dishes like coconut cake, white chocolate dipped strawberries, cheese dips or alfredo pasta!



Classic Backyard BBQ


You can never go wrong with a classic BBQ for your Labor Day festivities. Have the pool ready, plenty of delicious plates and lots of fun activities planned for this one. Not sure how to host? Check out this blog post we wrote about hosting a Memorial Day party to get you started.



Pool Party Movie Night


This one is such a fun and unique idea. Rent or make your own outdoor movie screen and set up a projector for an outdoor movie night! Have lots of blankets, lawn chairs and popcorn ready for your guests when they arrive. A pool party movie night would be the perfect idea for a group with lots of little children.



Outdoor Game Night


Kids or no kids, everyone loves a game night! Keep the classics like corn hole and horse shoes, but add a twist to some old favorites. Use spray paint to create an outdoor twister board in the grass and check out giant versions of your favorite games like Jenga or Connect Four. Create teams and make a friendly competition out of the night!


Seafood Boil


Tired of the typical summer cookout foods? Host a delicious seafood boil! Most seafood boils include foods like cod, snow crab, shrimp, corn, mussels, vegetables and tons of spices, but everyone has a preference on how they like it best! Gather a group for the boil, spread some newspaper over a picnic table and get to cooking!



Road trip


Having that extra day off is the perfect excuse to pack up the car and head on a little road trip. Virginia Beach is so close to many fun and relaxing places. Plan a camping trip by the lake, a drive to the Outer Banks or a weekend in Richmond.



Whatever your plans, we wish you a fun and safe Labor Day from Willis Furniture & Bedding!

Three Tips for Transitioning your Summer Décor to Fall


Is it crazy to start thinking about fall already?! The kids are starting to go back to school and before you know it, mornings will be crisp and evenings will come faster. If you’re a fall lover, we know you’re more than excited for all things pumpkin and flannel! Today on the blog, we’re covering how to slowly transition your summer décor to fall. It’s so much easier when you get the ball rolling now!




Add Warmth to Your Space


While summer’s heat hasn’t faded yet, there’s nothing wrong with dreaming of cooler temperatures. There’s nothing better than cozy layers during those magical fall months. Why not take some of those layers in your home now? Adding flannel blankets, different textured pillows and table runners in your dining area can add warmth to your home.


Add fall smelling candles for even more warmth. Plus, the scent of pumpkin pie and firewood will have you excited for the coming season! Adding warm colors can help this too. Swap the summer yellows and blues for deep hues of orange or purple.




Place Elements of Nature


Whether they’re real of faux, it’s time to swap out the summer succulents for the fall harvest. Decorate nooks of your home with gourds, pumpkins or darker toned florals. Whether it’s for holiday dinners or brunch with friends, adding leaves and raw wood elements to your table setting will surely wow your guests.





Remember Your Curb Appeal


Why does the inside of your home get to have all the fun? Nothing says fall like feeling at home. Make your guests feel that way the second they walk through your door. Wreaths are commonly used for every season, but there’s nothing quite like a fall wreath. Decorate your wreath with fall florals, burlap, pinecones, or twigs. The options are endless!


Don’t leave your porch in the dark! A gorgeous stack of hay bales, pumpkins, gourds and other fall décor. Add a scarecrow or cornstalk for some vertical elements in your group.


What’s your favorite part of fall? We love traditions at Willis Furniture & Bedding. Let us know what you love about the upcoming season!