Bluer than Blue...


Cobalt…this deep, rich blue turns up again and again as the color of any season. There’s no other color that gives off such a radiant, almost mystical aura or that has such eerie chemistry.  Cobalt is the color that persistently draws a crowd and holds its attention.

We see headlines such as “killer cobalt”, “high voltage cobalt”, “electric cobalt”, “crazy for cobalt.” Paris has been saturated in cobalt.
Cobalt is elemental: it is a full-fledged element with an atomic number and an atomic weight. Cobalt is a metal that has magnetic properties, is used for batteries, found deep in the earth and in meteors. The name comes from old German KOBOLD which means mischievous spirit. This spirit is component of vitamin B and with some tampering it becomes radioactive and is used to treat cancer. Small amounts are important for health; large amounts are poison. It is both crucial and lethal. It is “a divine color” said Vincent Van Gogh who used it liberally in his Starry Night.

One bit of blue sea glass alone says that it is the color of beauty, truth, clarity and magic. Cobalt reflects the very spirit of the beach.

We give thanks to the ocean and the amazing sky and a few gorgeous flowers for this spectacular color.


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