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There are so many from which to choose. Do you need blinds or drapes? Café curtains or shades? What about shutters?  The most important factor to consider when  making your decision is what you really need. Is it privacy or light or both?

Window Treatment

Window Treatments

Window treatments ideas and blinds

Semisheer window treatments. A common space such as a family room or living room doesn't usually require much privacy, but depending on the number of windows, it may always need light. Natural light helps brighten a living room, so choose a beautiful semisheer fabric window treatment that offers light and subtle privacy even when it's lowered.

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Tip: Choose the thickness of your fabric based on the amount of light you want in the space — a thick fabric lets less light through than an ultrasheer fabric.


Cellular shades. Many bathrooms, especially those on the first floor, need maximum privacy but you still want light.  A cellular shade gives you both.  Referred to as a top-down/bottom-up shade, this shade allows you to walk around without being seen and still lets a lot of light in.

Tip: It's constructed with a honeycomb design to keep the cold out and the heat in.

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Roller shades. Whether you have a bathroom on the first floor or on the second, closely situated neighbors can require privacy. There is an easy-to-install roller shade is perforated, allowing light to filter through.

Tip: Since window treatments at the back of tubs may be hard to reach, hardwire a roller shade so that you can conveniently manipulate it from a control panel or remote.

Blackout curtains. Getting baby to sleep in the middle of the day can prove difficult with the sun blaring in — but not with blackout shades. Have a blackout lining — a very dense fabric that light can't penetrate — sewn onto the back of any drapery fabric.

Tip: For absolute darkness, install floor-to-ceiling drapes 18 inches past each side of the window. This will ensure that as little light as possible seeps in through cracks.

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Shutters. If your guests come for total relaxation that may require sleeping in after the sun comes up. A bedroom with shutters installed with solid center panels to block out all light. Plantation shutters offer option of open or close from light and sound filtration.

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Stained glass. Should you have a great number of windows on or around your front door but want a little privacy, consider installing stained glass or textured glass. This will turn your foyer into a focal point and prevent passersby from getting a full look into your home. 

Layered treatments. Blackout curtains or shades are often necessary in a TV or media room.

Tip: The more fabric you add to your windows in your theater or media room, the better the acoustics will be.

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