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You may focus on appearances all through the rest of your house, but in the bedroom comfort should be exceptional. Bedrooms should be very intimate rooms. The should express your personal preferences in every way…Of all the rooms in the house your bedroom is and should be all yours.

When is comes to wall color in a bedroom, pale gray is a good alternative to white, if you want a look that is more muted and soft. This shade will also work well as a backdrop to any accent colors you want to bring into your bedroom’s decor. You can also layer pale gray with deeper shades of gray for a rich look. You can even go shabby chic with gray if you like. For a look that is both cool and elegant, pair gray with white, creating a neutral palette that will allow you to choose—and easily change—accessories in your favorite accent colors.

In general, keep the layering of your bedroom’s light in mind: You want ambient light to be soft, not harsh, with touches of task and accent lighting as needed. But for romance, there are other ways to add just the right amount of light For romantic natural light, hang light, gauzy drapes in the windows. If your remodel includes structural work, consider a skylight to allow for nighttime stargazing and to bring welcome sunlight to wake you in the morning. Candles can help create a romantic mood, and the new flameless candles, which are battery operated (some are rechargeable) are safer than traditional flame candles. Build your own chandelier by hanging a wooden or metal frame and attaching the candles. Decorating stores carry wall sconces that can hold candles, creating a soft, flickering glow in the room. Also look for tabletop candlesticks and floor candle holders. Candelabra are a great romantic touch; you can find them in both traditional and modern. Pleasant dreams.


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