Feel at home...


Whether it's a beach cottage or an airy apartment, when they instantly feel warm and inviting, you feel at home…even when it's not your own. That’s the difference between a house and a home.

A house is a structure you live in that provides for your basic needs and safety. A home is a place that provides you mental and emotional support, a place you look forward to being in to get away from the outside world.There are some simple things you can do.

Let’s start with the calming effect of an uncluttered space. You don’t need a minimalist space to achieve a feeling of spaciousness.

You can have personal items, they just need to be arranged in an uncluttered manner. The use of glass or acrylic tables can create the illusion of more space and less clutter. A bookshelf that is not packed tight with books but leaves a place to rest and an accessory item.

It can be as simple as a fresh coat of white paint and choosing comfortable neutral furniture.

We then can move on to the soothing details–those special touches that take us away to another place and invite us to unwind. One suggestion: artwork that celebrates peaceful landscapes.

For some, relaxation stems from a feeling of decadence–the idea that you’re treating yourself. Whether that feeling is achieved through creating a space that reminds you of a luxury hotel or adding small indulgent touches to your interior, there are plenty of ways to make your home special and inviting.

What soothes you? Is it a trip to the spa? A long walk in nature? Why not create a relaxing vibe in your powder room by channeling both experiences. Neatly folded white towels and fresh greenery remind us of simple pleasures and our connection with nature. What gets you in the mood to relax? One idea: strategic lighting! In fact, lighting that comes from multiple sources gives you the opportunity to tweak the mood of your space and create just the right feel.

One final suggestion for a calm interior: establish a connection with the outdoors. It’s hard not to relax when surrounded by fresh air, beautiful greenery and the sounds of nature. If you’re lucky enough to have sliding doors in your home, it never hurts to open them from time to time and enjoy the view with all of your senses.

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