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Everyone wants to own a nice home and a nice car. Large purchases you make in your life are a reflection of your personal taste and lifestyle. The same should apply to the furniture you place in your home. Don’t judge a book by its cover and don’t shy away from a piece of furniture because of its price tag. For Millennials especially, when you furnish your first home, the overwhelming urge is to rush out to the nearest chain store and spend your entire budget furnishing the entire place with inexpensive furniture that will fall apart quickly. You should RESIST this temptation and pace yourself.

Spending more time looking and more money on fewer items now will pay off later. Invest in quality items that you can use for many years. Think about how you can use something now and how you can use it later.

For example: a classic armoire can be used as a clothing closet, a TV cabinet, a home office center, a wine cellar, a linen closet, a china cabinet…it’s uses are only limited by your imagination and needs. Necessity is the mother of invention. A classic armoire can stay with you through many moves and have many functions for many years to come.  


Another example is a classic chest. It can be a dresser, a dining room buffet, an entry chest, a TV stand. A nice mirror can go in a bedroom, living room, entry or dining room. To make a room look bigger or reflect a gorgeous view. Once again only limited by your imagination and needs.

Before buying a piece of furniture ask yourself: Do I love it? Will I still love it in five years, ten years? Is it well­ constructed? Is it versatile?

And don’t forget to keep your individual style in mind. The furniture and accessories that showcase your personality are what make a house your home.


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