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Turkey day is just around the corner so you might want to be thinking about your table for this very special feast. Set your table a day or two ahead so it is done and checked off your list. Don’t forget the basics: forks on the left knives on the right.

Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving place setting orange


Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving Table 

Thanksgiving Table place setting

On Thanksgiving Day you only have to think about cooking the food and setting it out on the serving/buffet table. Set up the buffet on your kitchen table, kitchen island or a large folding table with nice table cloth or perhaps you have a buffet in your dining area. Be sure to leave plenty of room for traffic flow to the dining table. This will make your day much easier. Your guests can take as little or as much as they like.


Thanksgiving buffet

thanksgiving buffet

Thanksgiving buffet

Thanksgiving food

Thanksgiving Buffet Appetizers

For your buffet table, create different levels and be sure to place taller pieces at the back. By setting out the serving dishes on the buffet table ahead, you can make sure if have enough bowl, platters and utensils. Label the dishes so you or someone helping you can quickly fill the dish for serving.

Thanksgiving Turkey

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