Design Ideas for Back to School…


Organization is the solution for avoiding stressful school mornings. Organization can be the difference between success and chaos. Orderliness will help avoid those hectic mornings. You know the ones, filled with drama about getting up and dressed, finding missing permission slips or homework, lost back packs and favorite sweaters.

Families can cut the chaos and embark on smooth-sailing mornings, however, by entering the back-to-school season with their own supply of organizational ideas for those manic mornings.

Whether it’s establishing a great space and routine for homework or study time, keeping smelly sports equipment corralled yet handy or managing the onslaught of papers that come home each week—setting up a few systems for doing the school year right will pay off in preserved sanity.

7 Design Ideas for setting the stage for sanity this school year:

  1. Back pack hooks. A designated place for back pack storage guarantees you can find them in the morning.

  2. Dedicated homework area with comfortable chair and desk combos with good lighting.

  3. Supply storage for both school supplies and smelly sports equipment.

  4. Large family calendar in hub of house. Probably the kitchen.

  5. A place for important notes and papers that pertain to school.

  6. A comfortable new mattress and or pillow to ensure a good night’s rest.

  7. Closet, dresser and laundry room organizers so clothes are easy to put away properly and found later.


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