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When is it time for new dining room furniture?

  1. When you move. New surroundings and climate may call for a different look. If you move from a traditional neighborhood to a beachfront home, you may want a more casual lifestyle look. If you move to a new home with more or less square footage, it may call for a different size dining room set.
  2. When you remodel your home. You may want to change the style of your dining room to fit the new space. Maybe you have taken down walls and created an open floor plan. You might want a less formal looking dining room.  
  3. When you need more comfort from your furniture.

  4. When your dining room furniture is worn out, broken or just out of style.
  5. When you have an increased income that allows you to buy the furniture you’ve always wanted. This is the time to focus on quality and buy the best furniture for your needs and desires.

  6. When your family size has changed and you need more or less seating for your changing family.


Baby boomers still want a more formal dining room for large family gatherings, entertaining and holiday dinners. They still have nice crystal and need somewhere to store it.  There is still a desire to segregate the dining area from the cooking area.

 Younger families don’t see a need for a formal dining room. They are more conscious of their social footprint and prefer an open kitchen, preferably adjacent to the family room – with an area for a large multi-use table. Dining itself has become less formal. Casual dining is what young families are looking for.

Look at Pinterest to get dining ideas and find stylish dining rooms and dining spaces. Outside dining areas are becoming more desirable than inside formal dining rooms.

 Before you buy dining room furniture, take some time to consider these questions:

  1. What kind of space do you have? Is it a dining room or a dining area?
  2. How often do you use your dining space? Will it be used every day or only once in a while to entertain? Is it just for dining or will it be a multi-purpose room? A seldom used room can be furnished with high maintenance finishes and fabrics while a dining room that is used every day should be more functional.
  3. If you use your dining room to work, read or converse, consider comfortable chairs.
  4. What's your decorating style?
  5. Will small children be using it? Look for sturdy hardy finishes, and fabrics and surfaces that can be cleaned easily.

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