Forget Cyber Monday for Furniture Buying…


Beware the Goldilocks Syndrome:

“This one is too big, this one is too small; this one is too hard; this one is too soft.” You get the drift. If you can’t sit in it, touch it, feel it and see its size and scale, you could be making a huge mistake. Speaking of huge mistakes, when the sofa, chair, table, armoire is too big and will not fit through the door or up the stairs or around the corner; it is not the delivery persons problem. It is yours.

A cautionary tale/nightmare: 

“I won’t bore you with all the painful details I went through for six months after buying furniture from a reputable online company only to find out that they couldn’t get the furniture up my stairs. Or, the fact that FREE SHIPPING set me back $1,927.45 Why? Because I had to pay warehousing fees to the tune of $75.00/day as they called with delivery while I was on vacation for two weeks. Then, I didn’t realize that FREE SHIPPING meant they were going to leave two huge pieces of furniture at the curb and that I would be required to take it off of the truck. So, I opted for the “white glove” SHIPPING, only to discover that I had to pay “OVERWEIGHT” fees and stair fees on top of a whopping SHIPPING charge. But then they couldn’t get the 550 lbs. of furniture up the stairs. It was all too big. So I had to send it back and pay for SHIPPING it back to them. But here’s the kicker. I also had to pay a 25% RESTOCKING FEE. It came to $4,715.00 plus the free shipping charge of 1,927.45. Yes, that’s what 25% is from the deeply “discounted” price $18,860 that I shelled out for two pieces of furniture. The cyber company had my credit card number and I was billed for a whopping $6642.45 and I have nothing but aggravation to show for it.”

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