Have a Happy New Year…


The biggest night of the year is New Year’s Eve. It is a great night to have a party and say good bye to a year good or bad and celebrate the coming year with all the promise it brings. In order to make this night great, think about decorating your home for the festivities. Build the mood with sparkle and glitter, a must have on New Year’s Eve. Silver, gold and white are the colors.  Garland, streamers and balloons will lift the spirits. Champagne in fluted glassware will add elegance.  All this comes together to create a festive atmosphere for family and friends to let down their hair and say good bye to the old and hello to the prospects of a wonderful future ahead.

Some of your gold and silver Christmas ornaments and garland can be recycled for new year’s eve decorations. Gold and silvery stars and balls can dress up your chandeliers, mantles and tables. Party stores offer packages of hats and noise makers for whatever size party. Home-made hats are always fun. And how about decorating some dollar store sunglasses for each guest to wear…because their future is so bright…they have to wear shades!


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