Hurricane Season 2017


The hits just keep on coming. 2017 has been one of those unusually busy
hurricane seasons and if you live anywhere near the East Coast or Gulf Coast
of the USA; you have made friends with the anxiety that accompanies
hurricane season. You know the feeling of being glued to the weather channel
watching "the cone of uncertainty". You find yourself willing it to move
away from your home town.  What makes it worse is when they show the
category damage results on a home. You do what you can to batten down the
hatches and hunker down or evacuate, but the fear and anxiety lasts
throughout the storms approach, arrival and departure.

 Since we always want to look for the silver lining, here is one I have found about surviving a hurricane with minimal damage. The love and appreciation I feel for my family, my home and
its contents, my stuff, as George Carlin would say. It's not the perfect house but it's my home, with my memories and the furniture and art and collectables my family has accumulated over time. After the storm has passed and we've cleaned up the mess and repaired the damage, I count my blessings for the things that survived.

You look at those notso lucky and truly feel their pain and loss because you have imagined it. You assess the future risks. Think about moving. But in the end, whatever
you decide, you have a greater appreciation for your home and hometown.
Somehow life is sweeter when you have been chosen to be one of the ones who
didn't lose everything. Home Sweet Home.

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