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Odd that this style would make such a global and long lasting comeback considering the other trends of that time are held in such contempt. Where are the smokers, the TV dinners and the stay at home women in high heels and dresses waiting at the front door for their husbands at the end of the workday so they can greet them with a martini in hand?

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The furniture that you see in the Mad Men Series is not just American accent pieces that recall the nostalgia of vintage Scandinavian-Danish furniture of the 50's and 60's. The mid-century pieces have become a design must for most modern interiors that are seeking individuality and character. There may be variations in forms and designs, but the spirit of mid-century is being relived in a creative manner to create an exciting modernist interior. It has become a global phenomenon. From UK to Israel, Hong Kong to Paris, mid-century modern designed pieces are being loved in so many places. mid century inspired livingroom furniture

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How did we get to be fanatics for a style that originally only lasted just a decade from 1947 to 1957?
Design trends come and go, but is mid-century modern here forever? The current craze has lasted nearly 20 years. It feels like a design staple. So, what is behind this obsession? How did a look so rooted in a specific time period evolve to stay current? red wall living room decor

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Could it be the style's simple and low to the ground silhouettes are a perfect match for the real estate shift away from McMansions and toward smaller urban spaces. People want open floor plans, less stuff and room to breathe. It has wide appeal. Transient 20 something's appreciate the light materials, slender frames and casual attitude and the older shoppers are drawn to history and nostalgia. Mid-century modern inspired pieces are versatile, so you can use them without having to rethink the whole room. It is not a look that needs to be implemented wall to wall, floor to ceiling. It should be mixed and matched. Just a couple of mid-century pieces can powerfully affect a room, so it is best to start small. The movements guiding principles are that furniture should be simple, informal, functional and fuss-free. Go Mad and Go Home!

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