Mixing it up…


The new trend of mixing and layering materials used for surfaces in homes is dominating the remodeling and design world. The most obvious effect of mixing materials is that it opens new possibilities, new ways to express yourself and create dramatic, beautiful spaces. When you mix and layer surface materials, it also can help with budget restraints.

For example, hard stone surfaces in a room can be complemented by soft rugs and furniture, or a highly textured wood on a ceiling can stand in stark contrast to polished stone. Some of the hottest looks today, such as the blending of unfinished industrial materials with modern floors and cabinets, would have been considered outlandish only a few years ago. Mixing materials gives you greater freedom to create a space that represents your style. For instance, say you had your heart set on a marble island and surrounding countertops, but you just can’t afford all that marble. Instead, you can choose from a variety of Quartz for the island. Engineered to showcase the erratic veins and patterns prized in marble, quartz also has the advantage of being non-porous, so it won’t stain and requires virtually no maintenance. You can complement the quartz island by mixing in an even more affordable material like Laminate for the perimeter countertops and vertical applications such as backsplashes and walls.

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