Redecorate with Paint…


Nothing freshens up a room like repainting. It is the easiest and cheapest “do it yourself” project that will make a big difference. Based on pins, the popular color for 2018 is sage. Move over beige, white and grey. There is a new neutral kid in town. Sage. What better way to celebrate spring. Follow a few easy steps to prepare to paint.

1.    Move heavy furniture to the center of the room and cover with plastic drop cloths. Use canvas drop cloths on the floor since plastic can get slippery.

2.    If you need to cover a ceiling light or fan, shut off the circuit breakers to the room and set up a work light. Remove cover plates from switches and outlets. Protect switches with tape. Tape the screws to the back of the plates so you don’t lose them.

3.       If you’re painting the ceiling, you’ll need to protect hanging fixtures like ceiling fans and pendant lights. For fans, remove the blades, loosen the cover plate and slide it down. Then wrap the fixture with plastic. Hanging pendant lights should have a cover plate that just slides down too. You should also cover up recessed lights. First remove the bulb. Then pull the outer trim down just a little bit. Release the springs or wires holding the cover in place and cover with plastic and tape. Now you can paint the ceiling area covered by the trim.

4.       Cover any door hardware with painter’s tape and/or plastic bags.

5.       Clean. Vacuum the dust on the baseboards and moldings. Wipe the walls down with a damp rag. A quick once-over will do.

6.       Plan ahead and make sure you have plenty of ventilation while working. Work from top down. Paint the ceiling first, then the walls and finish with the trim.

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