Redecorating for Emotional Health…


Redecorating your home can have a significant effect on your emotional health. Creating a sanctuary at home that is uncluttered provides harmony and peace. Visualize what type of environment you would like to come home to and create it.

Finding harmony and peace at home can be as simple as changing the position of your furniture, Improve your mood by shifting your furniture around. 

  1. The perfect room layout should have function and harmony. A good layout will have ample room for traffic flow so people can move easily in the space and from room to room. The perfect space is uncluttered. Too much furniture is not comforting. 

  1. Choose a focal point. This will give your living room structure. It could be the television, a fireplace, a piece of artwork or even a striking architectural feature.  Face chairs towards each other to facilitate conversation. Place coffee tables and lamps within reach of sitting areas.  Clear walkways. 

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