Sofa expiration date…


When my grown children come to visit, they go through my refrigerator and throw out anything with an expired date. I raised them to be rule followers. However, a sofa does not come with an expiration date and many people are in denial about how their beloved couch is holding up. We have all encountered a sofa that’s clearly past its prime. To avoid this problem, a good rule of thumb is to replace your couch every 7 to 15 years depending on how much use it gets. Dogs and children will affect this decision as will the traffic in the room. If it is the TV room sofa, you may need to replace it sooner than a formal living room sofa that gets little use.

Here are 8 signs it is time to replace your sofa:

  1. It is uncomfortable. It has lost its plushness and no longer feels cozy. You may even feel aches or pains after sitting on it for any length of time. It just can’t provide the support and comfort it once did.
  2. It’s outdated. Even if your sofa is in fine condition, it may not work with your existing décor. If your sofa seems like it’s behind the times and is showing age, it is time to replace it.
  3. It has seen better days. Covering up rips and fraying with pillows is not a solution. It’s time to start fresh.
  4. Your cushions are flat. When the time comes that your cushions refuse to rise back up to the task, it’s time to call goodwill for a pick up.
  5. The color is dull. Fabric color fades over time. If your navy blue sofa is looking a dusty blue or your spotless white sofa has turned bone grey, you can be sure your sofa is not adding a whole lot to the look and feel of your room.
  6. The fabric is fraying. A quality sofa can last years, even a decade or more, but there comes a time when its fabric will show age. Cracked leather, fraying, worn spots are warnings that your sofa needs to be replaced.
  7. There are visible stains that won’t come out with cleaning. Turning over the cushion to hide the mess is no longer cutting it. If you feel like cleaning your sofa has become a second job, it is time to consider investing in a new one. The latest sofas are available with pet and kid proof fabrics or consider a furniture protection plan with your purchase.
  8. You have redecorated. It is natural to keep your home décor fresh and exciting and up with the times. If you are making considerable changes to your room, keeping the old sofa will only make it stick out like a sore thumb.

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