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When it comes to decorating a room, pattern and texture are perfect partners; they complement and highlight each other’s charms and personality…Some might say that pattern and texture follow the rule that opposites attract.


Texture is a design element that is easily ignored when planning a room. It adds dimension to a space. Texture is how the surface feels to the touch. So you are no longer confined to visual elements like line and color. Just as you would consider color and pattern, also think about how you can mix texture. All surfaces have texture: matt or shiny, coarse or fine, rough or smooth. If you are thinking of working with just one color group it is very important to introduce different textures to add dimension to the space.


A good rule of thumb:

Rough and course textures absorb more light and feel warmer.  Rough and course textures give an object more weight and feel heavier and therefore more “rustic”.

Smooth and shiny textures reflect more light and feel cooler. They make an object feel lighter and therefore more “modern”.

Soft raised textures will absorb more light and convey a sense of warmth. Rooms being described as cozy usually include lots of texture.