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Fall into Comfort…

Crisp air, football and pumpkins. Sweatersboots and falling leaves. Autumn is here. As the days become shorter and the temperatures dip lower, it's time to bring some warmth back into your home. We change our wardrobes to cozy sweaters and warm boots, so why not dress our homes for fall as well? 

Get your home feeling cozier and warmer with colors like orange, brown, beige and some greens. You can accomplish this with throw blankets and some fun pillows. Choose heavier warmer fabrics with a comfortable texture. This will carry you through winter. Rugs make a big impact. Fresh flowers of the season like dahlias, mums and asters brighten the mood. Fall foliage in a vase is a perfect way to bring the season indoors. 

It’s all about feeling more at home in your house since you’ll be spending more time indoors as the weather changes. And it’s all about ORANGE! That’s the best color to bring the Fall inside.

Remember your front and back porches. Welcome guests with fun fall wreath.

Consider getting an outdoor fire pit for your back patio or porch to extend the time you can spend outdoors. They add a touch of ambiance to your fall outdoor experience. They make them with EcoSmart Fire technology fueled by clean burning e-NRG bioethanol to provide comfort and warmth of an open fire without smoke, soot or a utility connection. This with some faux fur blankets draped over your outdoor furniture will make for cozy fireside chats on a crisp evening.

Then of course there is the entertaining to think about. Start with a festive fall centerpiece for your dining table, a splendid fall door decoration, a seasonal wall display, or anything in between, to help you infuse your home with the colors and textures of fall. You can transform natural elements such as pumpkins, gourds, and leaves into festive and fun arrangements that will add warmth to any room in your home -- regardless of the chill in the air outside. Once all this is done…it’s time to invite friends and family over for all the wonderful fall comfort foods like soup, chili, and stew, home baked breads, cookies and pies. Who needs summer anymore!