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Thanksgiving Update…

Close your eyes and picture a Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving: Grandpa carving the turkey at one end of the long wooden table, Grandma at the other end, seated on one of 10 matching chairs. For a long time, that set-up was synonymous with “dining room.” But the American family has changed since Rockwell last put down his paintbrush — and American dining rooms are changing too. People are entertaining in more creative ways today. They’re mixing different patterns in their dishes and putting branches and shells on their dining tables. The traditional mahogany table just isn’t working with today’s lifestyle.

Even in a formal dining room you don’t want to be boring, uninteresting or gloomy. Eating is really one of our indoor sports. We play three times a day and on Thanksgiving, it’s the main attraction! It’s well worthwhile to make the game as enjoyable as possible.

So, what is working in today’s dining rooms and table settings? Mixable, matchable; unusual materials and unexpected finishes; making a style statement by breaking all the rules.

Give thanks for the food before you, the family beside you and the love between you.

Furniture for a better family...

The dining table is the last retreat of the old values. A decade of research confirms what good moms have known all along. Sharing a family meal is good for the soul, the brain and the health of everyone in the family. There is a link between regular family dinners around a dining table and behavior parents pray for:

* Lower rates of substance abuse, teen pregnancy and depression.

* Better attendance at school, higher grade-point averages and self-esteem.

*Advanced vocabulary and communication skills

*Lowers rates of obesity and eating disorders in children and adolescents.

Eating together as a family is more important today than in the past due to the distractions of activities outside the home and the increased information due to modern technology. Families need a safe place to discuss ideas within the understanding company of family. Parents need a routine to connect with kids.

The dining room, away from the television and other distractions, is the perfect retreat for families to gather and share good nutrition and good conversation. Make it a cell phone free zone!