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What's Happening Underfoot...

In color, the trend is toward grey to replace the earth tones that used to define the residential market. However, some those greys are getting so warm and so pale that they are turning soft and buttery.

In woods and wood visuals, painted looks are a strong theme, from white washed oak grains to more heavily painted boards in a range of colors. Blues, milky hues and dry yellow milky grays are particularly popular. Oiled looks in wood and laminates kept gloss levels low and those low gloss levels seemed to enable many complex and sophisticated designs that would probably be too loud in a higher shine.

In ceramic tile, the trend toward rectangles, planks and larger formats is so strong that there is little in the way of regular old square tiles. There are more white ceramic tiles this year and there are more polished looks than in previous years.


Carpet is thicker and there is more wool.  Also, more nylon because of the growth of pet-protect.