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It's A New Year: Freshen Up the Look of Your Home

It’s a new year and sometimes it is nice to freshen up the look of your home. An easy and inexpensive way to do that is with PAINT. We often associate painting with warm weather which is true if you are talking about exterior paint but winter is the perfect time to paint indoors for several reasons.


The winter is traditionally a slow time for painting contractors so as a rule if you are looking for a deal, painting contractors are more likely to give you a much better bid for an interior painting job than you would get during the winter busy season. Also, you can have a painter work from nine to five with no problem; after all, you’re indoors. The sun doesn’t matter. This both gives you more flexibility to get the job done and ensures you can get it done faster. 

It’s true that you’ll need to be aware of paint fumes, which are not fun to be around even with all the windows open. Today's paints have much lower VOC levels so fumes are not bad at all. Run a fan in the painted room to move air and you will find that it is dry in less than 2 hours on average And the truth is that you don’t need to throw open every window in a room you’re painting in; you just need to ensure proper ventilation, which is a much different story. Your heat bills may go up a little bit during an interior painting job, but compare that to the costs of booking a painting contractor during the summer. And winter air is great for curing paint.  In winter the relative humidity is usually lower, so paint dries faster than in the heat and humidity of summer. Longer dry times lets more dust adhere. Go for it during the winter, then you will have more time to enjoy the out of doors come summer time!!!!

While the summer may have its virtue in many respects, there are parts about it painting contractors don’t enjoy, and one part of that is that humid summer air. The more humid it is outside, the longer you have to wait for the paint to dry. That holds up jobs, adds time to tasks, and generally makes an interior painting job a bit more expensive than it normally would be. But in the winter, with just a small crack of the window, those problems aren’t as prevalent.

Finally, there’s this advantage, which you may not think about at first. By getting your interior painting out of the way, you’ll have more time and money this summer to focus on other jobs that are best done in the warm weather, whether you’re working on the facade of your house or just want a little more time for yourself.

So, this winter, don’t just stare at the walls; make them more colorful, with interior painting.