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We all have them...collectables...

Each item in a collection has its own story, its own memory - the search, the day you bought it, who you were with, the vacation, etc. A collection provides a special satisfaction and sense of achievement. Somehow it started with one little ceramic bird and now you have a collection of birds in various shapes sizes and colors that you have amassed over the years. What is the proper way to display a collection such as this? 

Well, let’s start with the improper way, and the mistake that most of us make— scattering pieces of the collection throughout your home. One little bird may tweet from a fireplace mantle, while another little bird somehow flew all the way over to perch on the coffee table. No matter what the accessory is, it is best to display them in arrangements and groupings. There are some steadfast rules to arranging items into groups—called the rule of three

The Rule of Three is part of our jokes, part of our speeches, part of our music, part of our plays (three act structure), it’s a part of our art, it’s part of film-making (trilogies), it’s part of language, and it’s part of how we think, make sense of, and cluster information. The Rule of Three is a typical pattern used in stories, nursery rhymes, parables, jokes, comedy and speeches. 

The human mind actually enjoys thinking in patterns. In fact, we naturally look for and create patterns every day, in everything we do. An example of this idea is within our language where adjectives are often grouped together in threes in order to emphasize an idea.

The Rule of Three is relevant because the number three is the lowest figure that can be used to form patterns in our mind. This is important, because the first instance of something occurring, always comes down to chance; the second instance is considered a coincidence; while the third instance is perceived as a pattern. Proponents of the Rule of Three, state that things are more engaging, satisfying and more effectively presented when using this rule. In fact, it is said that an audience is more likely to consume and absorb any type of information presented to them when it is grouped into threes.

So, gather what you love into groupings and display them proudly and properly.