Live The Life - A Day of Fun In Virginia Beach


There are a million different ways to spend a day in Virginia Beach.   The city spans nearly 500 square miles, and each one of them holds a million surprises and new things to see or do.  But if you only have one day to spend here, these are our suggestions for ways to spend those precious hours!
First, take in that sunrise.  Nothing says VA Beach like a sunrise over the ocean.  It's a truly wonderful sight.  Then get on your bike.  The cool morning air makes the morning the best time for exploring the city on two wheels.  Pedal down to breakfast over the water.  Here are some of our favorite places to eat the first meal of the day:
  • Doc Taylor's Restaurant - A cute little house that you can miss pretty easily.  Just look for the open sign!  I suggest the Ray Ray.
  • The Belvedere - The Beeve is one of the most iconic places to grab a bite in all of Virginia Beach.  Everything is great, and the beachfront view is hard to argue with!
  • The Pocahontas Pancake House - If you want pancakes, there is nowhere else.  Get there early or you'll be in the teepee for a while.  (Not kidding about that...)

After breakfast, you can ride down the Oceanfront Bike Path until you get to Neptune.  Possibly the most widely known image of Virginia Beach, this beachfront park houses our famous Neptune statue.  Note:  King Neptune.  Not Poseidon.  And by the time you've taken in the sights there, it's about time to transition to the midday section!



Now that you're at the beach, it's time to relax!  If you've made it to the Neptune, then right in front of you should be the Resort Beach area.  Beautiful beaches, world-renowned volleyball, surfing,'s all here!  This is the perfect place to start your afternoon in Virginia Beach.  If the commercial scene isn't for you, you can check out Sandbridge beach to the south.  There you will find fishing, kayaking, and plenty of outdoor activities.

If you're looking for a great place to escape the summer heat, head over to the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Museum.  It's got an amazing array of marine life to see, as well as an adventure park that is fun for the entire family.  



For the evening, head up to the northern part of VA Beach, where you can enjoy dinner overlooking the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay.  How many other beaches can offer both sunrise and sunset over the water.  For dinner, try a restaurant like Dockside Restaurant.  Great seafood, great atmosphere.  And a stunning view of the setting sun.  Other great restaurants in the area include Bubba's and One Fish, Two Fish.


After you put in a good dinner, check out our stunning nightlife!  From concerts to live jazz, from Funny Bone Comedy Club to a pour-your-own-beer at Tapped Gastropub, VA Beach's got it all.  And once your day is done, I bet you'll be back for more.


Virginia Beach - Interior Design Tips For Capturing VA Beach



"There's something in the air here."  That was the first thing my friend said to me when she visited Virginia Beach.  She was right, of course.  Ask anyone who has ever visited, or any local who has come home after a time away.  There's nowhere in the world quite like VA Beach.  From the jets screaming overhead to the sights and smells of the Boardwalk, and from produce stands in the County to the stark beauty of the Museum of Contemporary Art, the culture here is as diverse as it is unique.  Whether you recently bought a home in Sandbridge or you're just looking to capture some of the energy of the ocean, here are some tips for bringing a little slice of VA Beach to your interior.


Be Unique

 If anyone has told you that there is one style associated with Virginia Beach, they're lying to you.  From the classic Georgian buildings to Mid-Century Ranch homes, VA Beach is about as eclectic as they come.  The one thing that is true about our style is that it has to reflect the owner.  When you're designing your home's interior, make sure you stay true to what YOU like.  


Beach It Up

 Obviously, we love the beach.  If you don't like the beach, maybe Virginia Beach isn't the place for you.  I'm not going to tell you to put beach-scene artwork on every wall, and paint your house in nothing but foam greens and watery blues.  In fact, please don't.  But you can incorporate the beach life in a subtle and socially acceptable way.  Include beach signage or a seashell collection in the living room.  Bring in natural woods and cool upholstery in the dining room.  You might also consider hanging sheer curtains instead of blinds to emulate the natural light of the beach.


Blend Old and New

 Virginia Beach has a long history, and has been governed by the same body since 1634.  And yet VA Beach is a thoroughly modern place, complete with Pharrell Williams Day (June 7)!  Any interior that wants to reflect the feel of Virginia Beach needs to blend the old world with the new.  Try mixing traditional dining tables with non-conventional chairs, or juxtapose a Warhol-esque gallery wall over an old world sofa.


Add Textures

Spend much time here, and your senses will begin to feel it.  No matter where you are in Virginia Beach, there are a million sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures surrounding you constantly.  Try to incorporate that into your home.  One of my favorite ways of accomplishing this is by adding an area rug over hardwood floors.  You can also try textured throw pillows or blending wooden and upholstered seating.