Mary Beth Shipman

Home Furnishings Consultant

Mary Beth ShipmanMary Beth Shipman was born in San Diego, California. She received her associate’s degree in Web Design from Colman University in San Diego, Ca. Her interior design experience began in 1999 and includes Interior Design work for a number companies in San Diego specializing in contemporary furnishings and window treatments. Mary Beth designed a penthouse home in downtown San Diego in classic contemporary style with custom area rugs she designed for her clients. This was one of her favorite projects and it was photographed by the local magazine.

On a personal note, Mary Beth’s favorite book is "Interview with a Vampire". Her favorite movie is “Gone with the Wind.” Playing with her black lab Jack and taking long walks is her favorite hobby.

Color is one of Mary Beth’s favorite aspects of her job because color has the single greatest impact on a design plan. It will affect the perceptions and feelings clients will experience within their living environment. Bringing all aspects of the design process together and seeing the final completed project is the most rewarding part of Mary Beth’s work. She would like her customers to know that listening to their needs making them come true is her primary goal.

Presentations Marybeth has made to different clients:

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