Planning Your Delivery


Willis Furniture appreciates your new furniture purchase. We want to make sure that the delivery is problem-free. Here is important measurement and home environment information that you should consider before taking delivery. You Willis designer/salesperson will be happy to assist you in answering these questions:

  1. Will our delivery truck have easy access on your street?
  2. Are your driveway and any nearby sidewalks free of obstructions?
  3. Is your driveway large enough to accommodate a 26 foot truck?
  4. Will all of the furniture you purchased fit through your doorways, starting with the front door?
  5. Will your new furniture fit up your stairway?
  6. Are your home’s hallways large enough for our delivery personnel to carry your furniture through?
  7. Has space been readied in your room (s) for your new furniture?


For apartment buildings, condominiums, or homes with an elevator, it’s important to measure the elevator interior height, elevator opening and opposite wall distance, to ensure furniture will fit. If your building has a freight elevator, please reserve it in advance.

Measurements Specifics

A furniture piece’s length, width and height must be taken into account. A piece’s diagonal width and depth must also be considered.

sofa measurements

case goods measurements willis furniture

Getting Ready to Take Delivery

Before you finalize your order with us, we recommend that you take note of all necessary measurements and any potential obstructions.

measurement specifications