Stickley 2019 Collector Edition Console

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2019 Collector Edition Console
Product Description
Vendor: Stickley

For the first time in collection history, Stickley has unveiled a craftsman quality piece that features beautifully handcrafted, American-made ceramic tile by Motawi Tile Works. The 2019 Collector Edition Console Table adds natural beauty to any room. Starting with beautiful American hardwoods, materials are meticulously crafted in the U.S. and then adorned with the rich hues of handcrafted Motawi Riverscape tile - an original Nawal Motawi design. Detailed tile lines add depth and dimension. Serene shades of color add natural charm grace. Use it as a welcoming entryway table, a convenient desk, sofa table or everyday console. The choice is yours. Available in solid American white oak or black cherry and all of Stickley's hand rubbed finishes.
Dimensions: 15 D, 56 W, 32 H
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