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Rug Market

Hundreds of artisan, hand-knotted, unique rugs that will make a statement in your home. You'll find your perfect style, design, color, and size that will set your home apart!


Measure room

1. Measure the size of your room.

Blue rug corner

2. We'll work with you on the best color rug that expresses your unique style in your home.

Rug design

3. You'll select from hundreds of designs or rug patterns and styles.

Boy and dog laying on floor

4. Select a rug based on high or low traffic areas.

Willis team

5. Ultimately a Willis rug expert will help you with the right rug for your budget.


2x3 rug


Recommended for a Very SMALL area.

8x11 rug

6' x 9'

Recommended for a Small living room, dining room or bedroom.

8x10 rug

8' x 10'

Recommended for a MEDIUM living room, dining room or bedroom.

9x12 rug

9' x 12'

Recommended for a MEDIUM living room, dining room or bedroom.

10x14 rug

10' x 14'

Recommended for a LARGE living room, dining room or bedroom.

Plus sizes in between and many more for small to oversize that will fit your home perfectly. Search a size at the top of the page!

Room with rug


Ask us about a rug fitting so you can see a selection of rugs and make sure your rug looks perfect to express your style. Contact Us Today >

Living Room

Different sized rugs create different feels for your living room. A Large rug that all your furniture sits on creates a warm area accentuating your furniture. A medium rug allows you to show your flooring and works well in open spaces. A smaller rug that is just wider than your sofa allows you to show the rug, furniture and flooring and creates a great conversation area.

Dining Room

A Large or medium dining room size means you’ll want at least 24 inches around your dining table and chairs so everything is completely on the rug with about 8 inches of flooring to show and accent your space. For smaller dining rooms choose a rug that allows the back of the chair legs to be on the flooring with about 18 inches to the wall.


Your rug should allow for ample walking space around your bed and room while adding a unique style to your space. Usually you’ll want your rug to start in front of the night stands and bottom of your pillows with around 18 inches of rug around the rest of your bed. For smaller room sizes keep the same spacing within what your space allows. Remember to add more length to your rug if you have a bench at the end of your bed.