American-grown solid wood is sustainable, renewable, and durable, making it the ultimate green product.  Here are our top benefits of choosing solid wood for your home:


Durability, Longevity, & Value


You may think there is a premium to pay for solid wood’s advantages. Interestingly, the wonderful raw material that composes your solid wood furniture is actually less expensive than fabricated veneered panels which require expensive machinery and compounds for their manufacture. For solid wood furniture, the premium you pay compensates makers for their art and craft.


Even though solid wood furniture is typically more expensive, it may be the most cost effective purchase you can make for your home. What other household items provide beauty and function for decades and, with minimal care, can be passed along for the next generation to cherish? Only solid wood furniture offers that kind of value.


Healthy Home


A healthy environment starts inside your home. Engineered materials frequently used in furniture manufacturing, especially MDF, have a reputation for leaching VOCs and formaldehyde. Choosing solid wood furniture can help avoid bringing toxins into your home.




Most solid wood manufactures offer many finish and paint options.  Some even offer different types of distressing, glazing, and rub through options.