When to Save and When to Splurge on Furniture in Your Home

Budgeting for a furniture and home d cor can get overwhelming at times. There are so many pieces that go into completing a room! Whether you ve just bought a new home or are redecorating an old space, you ve likely encountered this problem. Balance out your budget by figuring out where to save and splurge. Don t know where to start? We re here to help! Splurge Sofa Your living room sofa ....

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How to Organize Your Home Before the Holidays

The holidays are creeping closer and closer. Before you know it, we ll be celebrating fall festivals, football games and Halloween. Then, it s all downhill from there! If you re a big holiday decorator, we hope your home is ready for the transitioning season. In today s blog post, we re talking about ways to organize different spaces in your home. You ll be relieved that you planned ahead and decluttered now! Living Area ....

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