Over the course of a lifetime, the average person spends approximately 9,125 days sleeping. That’s nearly one-third of our lives! With such significant time spent in our bedrooms, it’s smart to transform your space into a  sanctuary tailored to your tastes and needs. 


In this month’s article, we provide all the tips and inspiration needed for a personalized bedroom design that works for you and betters your life. From comfort and quality to style and personalization, here’s how to craft your own dream bedroom. 


Know What You’re Working With


Dimensions: Before you begin your bedroom renovation, it’s important to understand the space you’re working with. Take careful measurements of the room’s dimensions, including every alcove, closet, or unique room feature. This will become very important when choosing artwork, furniture, rugs, or decor. You don’t want to be caught trying to cram a king bed and dresser into your space, only to not have the room to open the drawers. 


Functionality: Secondly, take note of the current layout and design of your room. What currently works well, and what would you like to improve? Do you need space for relaxation, work, storage, or other activities? Consider how you want the room function or how you can leverage your space.


Identify Your Aesthetic


Your bedroom should reflect your personality and preferences. When you spend a third of your life in your room, you want to choose colors, themes, and styles you are drawn to. This can psychologically help you to unwind and really enjoy your personal environment. 


Let’s take a look at different design aesthetics that will help you identify your personal design style.



Mid-Century Modern: A design style characterized by clean lines, organic shapes, and minimalist aesthetics inspired by the mid-20th century.


Gorgeous beige knitted blanket on bed in cozy mid century modern bedroom


Contemporary: Reflecting current trends and innovations, contemporary design often features sleek lines, neutral colors, and an emphasis on open spaces.


Contemporary bedroom with low rise bed and nightstand headboard with brown background and window treatment


Industrial: Inspired by urban lofts and factories, industrial design showcases raw materials, exposed brick, and utilitarian elements.


industrial style loft apartment with arch windows and exposed brick and metal panels


Minimalism: Striving for simplicity and functionality, minimalism emphasizes clean lines, clutter-free spaces, and a focus on essential elements.


White simple minimalistic bedroom decor


Farmhouse: Combining rustic charm with modern comfort, farmhouse design features reclaimed wood, vintage accents, and cozy, inviting spaces.


farmhouse style bedroom with white bed and light reclaimed wood furniture


Bohemian: Embracing a free-spirited and eclectic vibe, bohemian design incorporates rich colors, global influences, and layered textures.


behemian bedroom with egg chair and basket art on walls all with bright colors


Traditional: Drawing from classic European styles, traditional design emphasizes elegance, symmetry, and timeless furnishings.


traditional bedroom with wooden bed with bright pillows and nightstands with nondescript lamps


Coastal: Evoking the relaxed atmosphere of coastal living, this style incorporates nautical elements, light colors, and natural materials.


coastal inspired bedroom with white walls and blue coastal decor and greenery


Rustic: Inspired by the rugged beauty of nature, rustic design features natural wood, stone accents, and a cozy, lived-in feel.


natural wood bedroom with a southwestern flair


Eclectic: Celebrating individuality and creativity, eclectic design blends various styles, periods, and cultural influences in a harmonious way.


Cottage: Inspired by cozy country cottages, this style exudes warmth and charm with soft colors, floral patterns, and vintage-inspired decor.


cottage core bedroom with floral designs


Art Deco: Characterized by bold geometric shapes, luxurious materials, and glamorous accents, Art Deco design epitomizes elegance and sophistication.


art deco inspired bedroom with chandeliers, lighting, geometric print rug and bedspread


Southwestern: Drawing inspiration from the American Southwest, this style features earthy tones, Native American motifs, and rustic textures.


southwestern inspired bedroom with indigenous art


Shabby Chic: Combining vintage elegance with a relaxed, lived-in aesthetic, shabby chic design incorporates distressed furniture, soft pastel colors, and feminine accents.


shabby chic bedroom with floral wall paper, metal bed, and distressed wooden furniture


Choose Your Furniture

Bed: With thousands of brands and bed types available, the search for the perfect bed can feel overwhelming. Prioritize functionality, quality, and comfort to help you narrow down your search. Here are a few of our favorites:




storage bed from mavin, dark wood, solid wood




canopy bed in cream bedroom




wood and rattan and uphostered bed in bohemian style room


Solid Wood


Solid wood bed with fun green wallpaper in bedroom



Nightstands: This is where those measurements come in handy. Choose nightstands that fit well beside your bed size of choice. Consider buying a bedroom set that includes nightstands, or choose ones that will compliment the other furniture in the room.


Dresser or Chest of Drawers: Functionality is key here. Like nightstands, consider where a dresser or chest would fit nicely, allowing you to access the drawers. Some bedroom sets often include a dresser, and you are guaranteed cohesiveness in your bedroom.


Additional Furniture: for those whose bedroom doubles as an office, sitting area, or more, choose furniture in the same style or color palette as your bed and other furniture. Add a cozy chair and accent table, a desk, or a stunning vanity with a mirror.



Add Decor and Accents

Now that you have a good foundation for your dream bedroom, it’s time to add the special finishing touches that reflect your tastes. Add personal photographs, art, and decor that speaks to you and aligns with your bedroom aesthetic. 

Here’s what to consider when choosing your decor and accents to ensure a cohesive look:

Color: Generally speaking, choose accent pieces that align with your overall color palette. If your bedroom is full of neutral colors, consider adding a pop of color that speaks to you. 

Texture: Adding various textures instantly warms up your space, making it inviting and cozy. Play around with different textures, such as a soft rug, a knitted throw blanket, woven throw pillows, metallic accents, textured artwork, wooden accent pieces, or a glass vase with greenery or flowers.     


textured throws on bed


The Rule of Three: From the Latin phrase omne trium perfectum, meaning “everything that is three is perfect”, grouping items into threes is known to be aesthetically pleasing and commonly used in home decor and art. Play around with groups of three from artwork to accent pieces


Lighting: Don’t overlook the importance of lighting in your bedroom decor. Incorporate a mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting to help create a warm atmosphere. Not to mention, lamps are also decorative and can help you complete balance in your bedroom.


Personalization: Infuse your personality into your decor by incorporating meaningful items such as photographs, mementos, or artwork. These personal touches add character and make your bedroom feel like a true reflection of yourself.


roayl blue bed in room with black and white artwork


Utilize A Professional With Free Design Services

At Willis Furniture & Mattress, our design consultants are ready to help you accomplish your goals using your inspiration and our expertise. We feel the relationship between designer and client is one of collaboration. 

We will listen to your ideas, make suggestions, and sketch our concepts. As a team, we will work together in the selections of furniture, accessories, art, flooring, window treatment, or whatever is needed to reach your dreams. 

Our design services are complimentary to all clients who purchase through Willis Furniture. Once you decide on your furniture pieces, colors, fabrics, and finishes, your order will be placed. Upon arrival of your furniture, we will schedule our Red Carpet Delivery and furniture set up. Your newly designed bedroom will be ready for you to start enjoying for years to come.



Thinking you might need some design help to bring your vision to life? Get started today, or speak to our team of designers. Not to mention, you’ll feel like a VIP with a personal designer that helps you realize your design dreams all while making the whole process effortless. Happy decorating!