There are many things to consider when buying a patio umbrella. Outdoor furniture allows you to enjoy nature, without sacrificing style or comfort. As spring and summer arrive, you’ll spend more and more time outside entertaining or lounging poolside. To keep you and your guests cool and protected from the hot sun, it’s important to have ample shade. 


Solar radiation can dramatically change the temperatures of an object that it hits, heating it far above the actual air temperature. The proper shade over your dining or deep seating areas can reduce the temperature up to 20%. A sweltering 95° can become a comfortable 80° with the proper shade!





Treasure Garden is the leading manufacturer of umbrellas throughout the world and has been producing high quality umbrellas and accessories since 1984. Offering a variety of unique shapes and sizes, chances are you will find the perfect umbrella to fit your needs. We are proud to offer Treasure Garden umbrellas here at Willis Furniture!