What’s Inside Matters

Before you buy a car, you probably pop the hood, take a peek, and ask a few questions even if you have no idea what you’re looking for. When it comes to buying a sofa you likely take a different approach—choose one that matches your style and provides a soft place to land after a long day. But what about everything you can’t see? Do you ask how it’s built, what it’s made of, or how you can be sure it will last?

Flexsteel furniture is made with integrity from the inside out. Every piece is designed with purpose and precision. In fact, if you flip over any of their sofas or chairs you will see exactly what we’re talking about.

Engineered to Last a Lifetime

At the core of Flexsteel’s upholstered seating is their very own Blue Steel Spring. This patented component is not hidden behind a fabric dust cover. It is left in plain sight so customers can see the remarkable technology that powers their lifetime guarantee.

The all-riveted, high-carbon, steel banded system gives each one of their sofas and chairs lasting strength and comfort. Over the years Flexsteel has refined and perfected the original Blue Steel Spring to better suit the advancement in furniture construction and ensure the highest level of quality.

Today, they make four varieties of Blue Steel Springs, all right here in the USA at their plant in Dubuque, Iowa.  While built on the same scientific principles, each variety places extra support where needed most for the specific sofa or chair in which it lives.

Technology That Works

More than one hundred years since its creation, the Blue Steel Spring continues to differentiate Flexsteel products.

The strength and resilience of the Blue Steel Spring creates a “just right” balance of softness and support as well as enduring construction.

So whether you’ve got big people or little people, wild jumpers or careless ploppers—not to worry—the Blue Steel Spring has got your back.

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