Do you struggle with constantly feeling the need to fluff your sofa or sectional? Consider a tight-back for a buttoned-up and cleaner look.  Tight-backs will retain their shape for a more tailored appearance.  It is important to think about how you will be spending the most time in your space.  Would you like it to be a place that’s cozy and soft for movie nights and napping or firmer with less maintenance? If you are lucky enough to have space for both, dedicate one space as a TV/family room and one for entertaining guests.

If you are not ready to give up the loose cushions, here are a few tips on how to achieve a more composed look:

1. Use throw pillows and a well-placed blanket to hide imperfections and to create more intentional appearance.

2. Try semi-attached cushions which are affixed at the back of the frame on the sofa.  This will still give a fluffy feel without all the upkeep.  

We hope this information has been helpful with your buying decision and remember we are here to help!  We have a wonderful team of interior designers here to collaborate with you to achieve the home of your dreams.  This is a free service we offer to our customers at Willis Furniture.