If you’re spending more time at home lately, you may be taking a fresh look at spaces where you relax and unwind, especially your living room. To inspire a remodeling or decorating project in your living room, consider these standout ideas from Willis Furniture.

Calming Color Palette

Focus on using neutral, calming color palettes that come from the beach – sand tones, soft blues and greens, whites and creams. Get out in nature and be inspired by the beautiful colors Coastal Virginia has to offer. 

Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall is a wonderful way to personalize a living room and pull together a color scheme. Try using a variety of frame finishes, which add visual interest to the arrangement and prevent an overly formal look.

Warm Neutrals

Warmer neutrals seem poised to overtake popular cooler grays and whites. Try using a palette of creams, beiges, greiges and browns that exemplifies how fresh and restful warm neutrals can be.

Relaxed Furnishings

We all live in a more casual way, and fortunately, we have many options to furnish our homes with stain resistant fabrics and beautiful distressed finishes that allow us to enjoy our furniture more in care-free way.

Coastal Living

A house by the water - The idea conjures so many different destinations, but always the same sense of beauty and nature with a view. The oceans, lakes, and islands, have always been desired locations, spots to dream of for both first and second homes.

There’s warmth to the beach house that finds its way to homes of all kinds, from the mountains to the city, west to east. We love the mood of airy, open rooms with generous, simple furniture and a spirit of indoor-outdoor living. A home that brings an elevated yet relaxed coastal style, through unique offerings of textural appeal, neutral tones and modern silhouettes.