Your porch should be an extension of your interior decor while also creating curb appeal for passersby and approaching guests alike.  Here are 5 ways to create a relaxing and welcoming front porch:

1. Landscape and Seasonal Blooms

Even though they’re not on the porch itself, the plants you include in the landscape leading toward your front door can have a huge impact on how your porch looks and feels. From the street, colorful plants create a great focal point and also help to add privacy to those sitting on the porch. Whether it’s a window box or a pot, try switched up your planters with seasonal blooms in the spring, summer, and fall.  You could also try adding potted greenery to your porch to create lush, long-lasting foliage. 

2. Add a Fun Doormat

A tired doormat is one of the simplest and most inexpensive things to replace.  A nice pop of color will instantly perk up your porch.

3. Add a Pair of Chairs or Porch Swing

Unless your porch is truly tiny, aim to include a pair of chairs rather than a single one. Once you have your two chairs, position them together in a conversation group. Adding a porch swing is another option with a lot of charm and if your porch is big enough you can have both, providing ample seating for the whole family to enjoy!

4. Good Lighting

A well-lit porch helps visitors and package deliverers find your place, and also create a warm, welcoming mood.

5. Thoughtful Color Coordination

One easy way to choose a color scheme for your porch is by using the color of your front door or trim as a starting point. Repeat the same hue or hues in each of the accents you choose, such as outdoor cushions and pillows, a doormat or an outdoor rug, and flower pots.