The dining room is an important place for gatherings with friends and family. While it may not be used for every meal, or even every day, it still deserves attention. Here are 4 tips on creating an inviting atmosphere that will make you and your guests feel warm and comfortable:


Practical and Beautiful Storage


Every dining room needs some sort of closed storage. A buffet is a very practical and versatile option that allows hiding what needs to be kept out of sight, but also to show off some accessories to liven up the decor.


A Touch of Comfort


Since this is a place to take a pause, relax and spend some leisure time, it is important to choose comfortable chairs. Be sure to test chairs out in person to make sure the pitch is right.  Upholstered chairs are a great choice for the extra cushioning and warmth of fabric.


Good Lighting


Light fixtures play an important role in successful décor and can really change the mood of a room. Consider installing dimmers to change the level of light depending on the occasion and time of day—ideal for the different purposes of the dining room. When it comes to the main light fixture above the table, be sure to consider its size and visual weight. It should not take up all the space, but blend in well with the room. It should be proportional to the space and the furniture and should be hung 30 inches above the table.


A Hint of Nature


Fresh flowers or plants will instantly brighten up your space. It also helps to choose window treatments that will let natural light filter in.